About Us


  Hello – I’m Jess, a fellow eco trooper. For some years now, I have come up with a word at the beginning of the year that I would use as my focus or "mantra" for the following 12 months. 2018 was Calm, 2019 was Simplicity and 2020 I decided it would be Tread Lightly. It came to be just before New Year’s when I was contemplating how I treat myself, others and the earth. I wanted to tread lightly on myself – start loving myself and my body, using positive affirmations and treat myself with kindness. I wanted to tread lightly on others – treat others how I want to be treated, treat them with love, have no judgements and be kind. Lastly, I wanted to tread lightly on the Earth – be kinder to the environment and all its beings, understand how precious the earth is and really try to leave a light eco footprint wherever I could.


In January 2020 I decided to take the leap and founded Eco Element. I wanted to incorporate the word “Element” in my logo for all the elements in the world: Earth, Air, Fire and Water and raise awareness for reducing plastic waste and living a chemical free lifestyle.


So that’s me, us and our vision! Thanks for considering making a change.


“Walk lightly on the Earth…for you walk upon your own dreams.”

 Quote from Creative Soul Therapies